Three Ways to Save and Make Money in College

If you’re doing things right your bank account in college will mainly be used to fund your weekend binge drinking and possible use of other, less legal substances. That stuff gets pricey quick if you’re having lots of fun, so it’s important to find some ways that you can easily save and make money in your four years.

Find the Cheap Ways to Eat

There are a few different options here, and each of them vary in their levels of how big of a scumbag you are. The first way, which won’t mess with your conscience at all, is to locate the best deals and rewards on your favorite fast food app. There was a McDonalds four minutes from my house at college, which meant that most days I ate twenty nuggets and a basket of fries for dinner all for just $6. If you’re big on DoorDashing stuff, just complain every time your order arrives and say it was incorrect. They’ll refund you and then it’s just free food every time. If you’re a huge jerk and love Chipotle, just head over to the mobile orders selection and pick out the one that looks the yummiest to you. The person who actually paid for it will have to wait while the employees make the order a second time, but other than that, who are you hurting?

Never Pay for a Textbook

There are two ways to go about this. The first way was what I did, which is that I never bought a textbook for a class, regardless of how heavily it was used throughout the course. It made exams tough and doing homework was near impossible, but I saved tons of money by never dropping a dime on something I’d only use for four months of my life. The second option for those of you that have higher academic aspirations than I did, is to go online and find a free PDF version of the textbook. Almost every single one is out there somewhere, and if you spend a little bit of time on Reddit, it’s very easy to pick out a safe website that will give you everything you need free of charge.

Surveys and Experiments

There are a ton of research things going on at colleges that will pay you to be a subject in their study. Lots of psychology ones require an afternoon of answering questions and will pay for your case of beer that night, but if you want to make more money, drinking studies are the way to go. All you have to do is just record every time you consume alcohol and take some notes on how it made you feel. At the end of it, they give you a big old check for the help you gave them and you usually get to keep the breathalyzer that they gave you to track your BAC, which is a nice bonus because who doesn’t love seeing just how hammered they can get?

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