Three Ways to Stay at the Beach for Memorial Day

As a recent college graduate who doesn’t have a ton of money but has more than enough to spend it in ways that would be deemed “silly and irresponsible” by most members of society, I’m eying up my trip to the Jersey Shore for Memorial Day Weekend as I’m sure many of my fellow Philly area readers are as well. Here are the three options out there for those of you who, like me, don’t have a place to stay but really want to go to the beach.

1. Crash A Friend’s House

This is usually what I do, but it seems my luck ran out this year. The friends that normally let me and my buddies shack up at their house invited us to a wedding last summer, and we hypothesize that due to our behavior after ransacking the open bar, we’re no longer welcomed guests. If you haven’t soiled the hospitality of generous parents like we have, though, this is your best and easily the cheapest option. You don’t pay for a place to stay, and your mom gets flowers for their mom as a thank you.

2. Get a Cheap Motel Room

This option isn’t all that cheap nor is it particularly extravagant, but it’s the one my friends and I have settled on for this weekend. It’s not too hard to figure out, though. Just get a room with two double beds, bunk up, and agree to wear enough clothes that it’s not too weird when you eventually have to go to sleep. The motel we’re staying at is 5/10 stars, but if you’re someone that fears intense mediocrity with a hint of cockroach, you might have to spring for something a little more high class.

3. Car House

Sometimes there are just no other options and you have to go Tyler Perry for the weekend, living in your car. You’ll want to spend as much time as possible out and about because unless your vehicle is really big, there likely won’t be that much room. I know what you’re thinking: where will I shower? Don’t worry, old Strokes has that covered for you. You see, most people like to spend their entire afternoon at the beach, so that means they’re going to be nowhere near their houses. If you’re really brave, you can try to find a door that’s unlocked and help yourself to the master bath – some places even have jacuzzi tubs. But if you’re too frightened to bathe yourself in a stranger’s abode, there are plenty of outdoor showers and hoses that can suffice to keep you somewhat clean, as long as you’re quick enough.

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