Throwback Thursday: George Brett Shits His Pants, Crafts Beautiful Story

First, just watch the video.

What a story. What a great fuckin’ story. One of the greatest third basemen in baseball history, messing with some rookie in spring training by telling him probably the most embarrassing story of his life. This is why George Brett is one of the all-time greats. Not just because he’s a member of the 3,000 hit club, hit .390 in 1980 or garnered 98% of the hall of fame vote, but because he’s just a regular ball buster like the rest of us. What a wisenheimer.

Let’s break this one down, because this video is worthy of such analysis and praise.

Before we even get into the quotes, let’s take a look at how old #5 is approaching these stretching drills. He’s not even playing in the game and he’s stretching out his legs, just really loosening those bad boys up. Stretching for no reason at all. TFM. He‘s also wearing two pairs of sunglasses. TFTC. This man is just the best.

On to the story…

“Shit my pants last night. I did.”

Note how specific he is here. The connotations associated with “last night” could mean anything. Was he so drunk he shit his pants? Did he just try to cut a meaty chud under the covers and soiled himself in the process? Luckily, he elaborates…

“Went out and had a meal. Just a great fuckin’ meal…”

Reiteration can distinguish the greatest storytellers from the rest of the pack. Not only did he have a meal, it was a great fuckin’ meal. It’s like the guy at lunch talking about a girl the night after a hookup. “She had great legs, man. Just great fuckin’ legs.”

“I’m good about twice a year for that. When was the last time you shit your pants?”

Brett is obviously just a phenomenal public speaker and storyteller. He’s building rapport with his audience, while sharing his life experiences, his battles, like shitting his pants twice a year.

“I had a tee time early in the morning…”

Of course he did.

“I’m walking back to the hotel, I get three quarters of the way out of the lobby and all of the sudden, I go oh fuuuuuck…”

He’s still using specifics, he wasn’t halfway out of the lobby, he was three quarters of the way out of the lobby. He then kicks off the meat and potatoes of the story with profanity that vaguely lets the audience know that they’re in for brilliance.

“I’m fucked. I can’t move.”

Building sympathy with his audience. He’s a prisoner in his own body right now. Riveting.

“Water. Straight fuckin’ water. I had food poisoning from the crabs.”

At this point, he’s using specific metaphors to describe his plight. Of course, water isn’t exploding out of his ass, but in order to break down the distance and connect with his audience, he’s using a normal, relatable thing to bring them closer and engage them further in the story. Exemplary.

“I’ve got jeans on, black Bucks, no socks and every time I‘m walking, it‘s just water…”

At this point of the story, it’s like we are fully immersed in the Bellagio lobby, hanging on every word coming out of GB5’s mouth. Transfixed on each detail, wondering how it’s going to turn out. The way he’s so forthcoming with the details is amazing.

“Called my friend. I said, ‘Larry, you’re not gonna believe this. I’m standing outside of the Bellagio and I’ve got shit all over myself…’ So he goes in, finds the closest bathroom in the lobby…I go in there…I take off all my clothes, wipe myself off. Leave my shoes, my pants, the towels, everything right there in the stall and I’m walking barefoot with my shirt and his pants at midnight.”

Anywhere else in the world, he probably sticks out like a sore thumb. But it’s Vegas. No one probably even noticed.

“Got up in the morning, took the most perfect double-tapered shit of my life. True story.”

The most perfect, double-tapered shit of my life. Wow. Just…wow. That is a term that should be used more often in everyone’s vernacular. Incredibly explicit, yet wonderfully crafted. Isn’t that always the case, though? You have beer shits/diarrhea/what have you, and then the next day, you drop a perfectly solid, passable, nine-inch log in the bowl. The human body is a mystery.

And as his once captive audience moves on from the greatest story they will ever hear, we are blessed with a simple, yet amazingly timed question.

“Who’s the pitchers in this game?”

The man just told a story about shitting his pants in the lobby of one of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas, how he stripped down naked in a lobby bathroom stall and wiped diarrhea off of himself, wrapped himself in his friend’s 48-inch pants and strolled out onto the Las Vegas Strip sans shoes after covering himself in his own shit, dignity still intact. All he wanted to know was who was pitching in the game. That’s just a ballplayer right there.

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  1. And thats why we love George Brett here in Kansas City
    He’s just a regular guy, like anyone else.

    Who hasn’t shit there pants when they didn’t mean to,
    Let’s face it shit happens and there’s almost noting you can do to stop it.

    Could you see a runner on second base, asking the red for a time out to go take a dump, has it ever happened in a live on air game?

    Or better yet a center in football bend down to hike the ball with the qb behind him and he rips a fart loud enough for ESPN mics to pick it up.

    These stories are real the guys on the field are humans
    And they do human things.
    Qbs dont piss 9ff the center, maybe thats why some go from the shot gun.

  2. It’s nasty trifling people like this that feels it’s ok to leave your shitty, stinky, bacterial infected diarrhea shits, shitty pants , and shitty shoes.. oh and don’t forget shit all over the floor from the time of entry till the time he washed off the shit in and all around the sink I’m sure. This makes everybody job harder and no one pays ENOUGH to be made to pick up YOUR SHIT! Anyone is for this shit is just as trifling and nasty as George Brett. There is no brilliance in this story only shit that keeps our world shitty stinky and fucked. Good luck with that dumb asses.

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