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Throwback Thursday: So I Watched Total Frat Movie… WTF

Ok…..ok.  Ok.  Ok.
Well, now that that’s over I have so many questions only a few of which I’ll pose here.  I do remember thinking at the time “This is just a cash grab bottom of the barrel shit show… but good for them for expanding out. This site started so small and look how far they’ve come.  You have to try in order to win and when you try you sometimes fail.  So no judgment.”  Even so… I don’t know where to begin. I’m more confused than disappointed, and I’m PRETTY disappointed.

Some of these questions will be easy, but some… not so much. 
Number 1. Had I seen this before?  I thought I’d seen pieces here and there…. but actually no.  This ended up being totally untread ground for me.  I guess I saw what I’d be getting myself into, and just said “no thanks I think I got the idea,” the first time around.

Number 2. Who wrote this?  Not like literally who, but figuratively… did they get a 45 year old who never went to college to read all #ClassicTFM up to that point, comments included, and come up with a script and make sure to include the lingo and inside jokes? 

Number 3. Who was it written FOR more importantly?  If it’s not accurate to Greek life or an embellishment of a Greek ideal, if it’s not a parody for the sake of comedy, is it just “Dog water” as our friends on sometimes say?  I’m guessing that’s the issue: they just missed the mark.  Maybe they figured “This is what guys hope rush/parties/rivalries will be like when they get to be in a frat, or guys who are in small frats think bigger frat parties are like at other schools,” or maybe these movie makers think some parties ARE like that behind closed doors now… or MAAAAAAAAAYBE I’m the actual moron and the only person around who doesn’t know anyone that has been to a party at a Southern frat where beautiful girls just hang around with their tits out for no reason.

At the end I found myself casually scanning the credits to see if they consulted the ACTUAL TFM crew for real life Greek and TFM specific guidance… but I don’t think they did.  Certainly doesn’t seem that way. 

“We are making a MOVIE!  We don’t need help from a little old WEBSITE company… even though they built this whole brand… and even though we are making a weak ass, cheap ass, dog water ass, cash grab headass movie.  We don’t need THEIR help!  They’re only frat boys, now grown.  We are FILM MAKERS of the E list variety!  Even if this is a film about frats which they know about and we don’t…. and even if it’s their brand which they know about and we don’t…”

And the thing was, it was actually ok and even good (well… entertaining) at times but it had this weird problem with… I dunno pacing(?) where the bad parts kept breaking up all the good parts so I kept being pulled out of it and had to readjust to ACTIVELY notice “oh this is actually a coherent flowing ride again” instead of thinking, “The the actors/directors/girls with the tits out right now are probably wondering what Greek life is actually like at this moment, ‘cause none of them could possibly have any idea with the job they’re doing right now.”  Ok the girls with the tits out were doing a decent job…well some of them.

It made a bit more sense when I saw towards the end of the credits that there was some sort of deal with Canada.  It was filmed “on location” in Canada, to save money.  But that doesn’t mean it was completely cast with Canadians and certainly didn’t have to be written by Canadians, right?  
All in all, I don’t fault the TFM guys for seeking out the opportunity and allowing this movie to be made.  I’d have done the same thing if I were in their Sperrys.  Nonetheless the movie still missed the mark.  I do think a scaled down Frat Romance Youtube/TikTok serieswould be endlessly more entertaining and easier to make and keep in house.  But it’s not the time for something like that now, though………is it?


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    • I was looking to see if I had the book. I don’t know if I (still?) do. I might have borrowed it from someone at the time. It was written by one of the actually TFM creators so it was decent to pretty good as far as I remember.

      I dunno for drinking games… I already don’t remembe quite how many times things happen… Maybe… when you see tits, or rowdy gentleman or other old TFM product placement (“back to back world war champs” “reagan, bush 84” “legalize cocaine” … having a google image seach of Rowdy Gentleman shirts and flags pulled up could help) take a shot or half a shot (there are a lot). when you see greek letters take a sip. If you see something you guys agree is outside the realm of the (or YOUR) normal Greek world or generally “that makes no sense. SIP!” or “that was stupid!” take a sip.

      Sorry if that’s no good. Maybe get someone to take one for the team and watch it once before hand and come up with some parameters.

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