Thursday Night Football is the Worst

Thursday Night Football has been the absolute worst. Now, I won’t pretend I’m a football savant, but what kind of visual throw-up have I been watching on Thursday’s? I mean it took teams almost seven quarters to score a single touchdown these past few weeks. That’s just simply not ok. If these were Sunday afternoon football games it wouldn’t matter because I’d have seven hours of commercial-free football on and I wouldn’t even be seeing these games. But it’s not. I’m forced to watch this absolute shitshow. 

Let’s start with last week’s game. That was a fun throwback, wasn’t it? I bet my grandpa loved that game. But you know who didn’t? Me. Russell Wilson might be the most infamous thief in human history. This man really got paid 250 million dollars across four years to be Drew Lock version 0.5. The older and worse model. And Matt Ryan really has been Matty lukewarm water since 28-3. Not that he needs me to remind him of that game, the NFL does that to him enough.

And the game this week, at least in the first half, has been the second edition of the punt-off-a-thon. Carson Wentz looks about as good as I would playing on an NFL field watching 250 pounds of muscle come flying at me. While on the other side Justin Fields has been tasting grass more than Snoop Dogg. I mean the Bills put up more points by themselves in a single game than the Bears and Commanders have combined this week. 

This is just gross football. Whoever is building these schedules needs to do better.

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Written by TFM

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