To Justin Jefferson From a Fantasy Owner

Dear Justin Jefferson,

You’re a really good receiver. In fact, many would say that you’re a great receiver. In your career so far, you’ve never caught below 1,400 receiving yards, and you have amassed 19 touchdowns. Your new head coach came from the Sean McVay branch of coaches and claimed that we’d see you featured in a Cooper Kupp role this season. And after game one, you seemed to be right on that track. I no longer seemed like a fool for taking you at number two overall. So I just have one simple question for you. WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GO? 

I have been trying not to overreact because I understand that a receiver’s value is very fluid. However, I can’t ignore the fact that in the past two game weeks you have been outscored by the likes of Khalil Herbert, Jakobi Meyers, the Jets’ very own Garrett Wilson, and even Ashton Dulin. I mean come the fuck on dude. After a 10.8 game week two, I thought for sure that was going to be the worst of it. But game week three I checked fantasy and what did I see? Four point four fucking points dude. That doesn’t seem very Cooer Kupp-like to me. And to some extent I get it, you’re working with Kirk Cousins, which is not the easiest task. But you’re telling me you can’t get open enough to make more than three receptions? That’s bullshit man. And I know I’m not the only fantasy manager that you’re letting down right now. Get it together Justin. You’re better than this.


A pissed-off fantasy owner

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Written by Warren Loukota

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