Tom Brady-Kim Kardashian Dating Rumors

There is a new celebrity dating rumor going around and I am not happy about it.

If you keep up with sports or pop culture, you probably know of Micheal Rubin’s July 4th Party. Well, at the all-white (clothing) blowout, it was rumored that Kim Kardashian was seen flirting with a new man. While usually I wouldn’t care at all about Kardashian gossip, it turns out that the man in question was no other than Tom Brady.

According to an inside source at Daily Mail, “Kim and Tom were super flirty with each other at Rubin’s party and were seen during the day on the beach together and again dancing at night.” I didn’t know that Daily Mail — a publication that mostly talks about girls in bikinis and gruesome murders — would have an inside source, but nonetheless I have no evidence to dispute this claim.

This isn’t even the first time these two have been rumored to be involved with each other. Back in May, Entertainment Tonight reported that the two divorcees had been in contact with one another about buying vacation homes in the same part of the Bahamas. However, rumors were shut down after Tom’s people said that he had already owned property there and was just talking to Kim as a friend who was interested in buying nearby.

We can’t be sure if this rumor is true. However, Kim was supposedly drunk at the time being, indicating on Twitter that she had 11 shots at the function.

As a fan of both Tom Brady and humanity, I truly pray to all of the lords and gods that this is fake. Kim Kardashian ruins men and I will not have that happen to my beautiful GOAT. Let’s look at Kim’s past ex-flames and see where they are since dating her. Pete Davidson, rehab. Kanye, crazy anti-semite. Kris Humphries? No idea, but definitely not the NBA. 

Whether you love or hate Brady, you need to respect him. He is one of the greatest true underdog stories of all time, a genuinely good human being, and arguably the greatest athlete in all of sports. I don’t want his name run through the mud by some “mom-ager” with a lesbian haircut on reality TV. 

Tom, if you’re reading this. First, thanks for being a fan. Second, please stay away from her. I know she is curvy and tempting, but everyone she touches turns to dust. Do yourself and all of us a favor, please just marry a hot bimbo actress that’s half your age. It will turn out much better for you.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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