Tom Brady Spends Night With New Girlfriend??

This past weekend, Tom Brady spent some quality time with Irina Shayk, who appears to be his new girlfriend. Previously dating star actor Bradley Cooper, Irina is quite the rebound for Brady after he divorced Gisele Bundchen in October of last year. I mean, can you blame the GOAT for wanting someone else to make out with other than his kids?

Since this will be the first season since 2000 that Tom Brady will not be playing in the NFL, I’m sure that he’s got plenty more time now to spend with the beautiful Irina. Pretty ironic considering that Brady and Gisele broke up because he chose to play one last season in 2022. If they only waited four more months, they probably would’ve been just fine. But, onto bigger and better things for TB12. 

I was a little disappointed to find that the Kim K dating rumors weren’t true since a Brady-Kardashian relationship would be pure gold in terms of media coverage. Maybe Tom just didn’t want to be the Pete Davidson rebound (which I don’t blame him for one bit). Of course, we can’t rule out a Kim K relationship just yet. After being married to Gisele since 2009, I’m almost certain that Brady will want to make the rounds. I would imagine that his family was incredibly important to him throughout his career, but being married in his prime probably had its tough moments. Obviously, Gisele is a supermodel and I know for a fact that a vast majority of our population would pay insane amounts of money to be with her. However, Brady probably could’ve had quite a nice selection of women throughout his playing days if he was single. 

It will definitely feel a little strange for all of us not to see Brady throwing for five touchdowns every Sunday, but by no means will the man just disappear. We’ll probably see him a couple of times on Fox NFL Kickoff, as well as TMZ every other day covering his newest lover.

Written by the godfather

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