Tom Hardy is a Lethal Weapon

At this point, nothing this man does will ever surprise me. 

Apparently, over this past weekend, Bane showed up to a Jiu Jitsu competition in Wolverhampton England and beat the piss out of some people who were just trying to have some fun and raise money for charity. Venom ended up winning not one but two gold medals during the tournament, and again, I’m somehow not surprised at all by this.

Alfie Solomons has always been doing basically anything and everything he can. Whether it’s releasing everyone’s favorite mixtape, Falling On Your Arse In 1999, or changing his weight on a dime for certain roles, there really appears to be nothing that Max Rockatansky can’t do. 

I will say it is pretty funny the way in which Eames managed to win all of his matches. I mean watch this, it’s not even close! You’d think professionals trained this guy to be able to do this for movies or something..

But in all seriousness watching Tom Conlon relentlessly lay into casuals on the mat does get me excited to think of potential roles that the man can still play. For instance, it was reported by the Daily Beast and Screenrant that not only does the man hope for a chance to play 007, but that he also had a director specifically in mind, Christopher Nolan. And my oh my would that be a fantastic film, especially if Tom Hardy could real-life kick the arse of all the other actors or stunt doubles they brought on set.

But all in all, I’m so glad this is a bit of news that happened because I both love this and was very unsurprised it happened. Also, if you got all the character references that happened in this article, congrats, you’re a bigger Tom Hardy fan than I am. (I had to look most of these up).

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Written by Warren Loukota

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