Tomorrow is Christmas for College Football Fans

Tomorrow might be the best day of the regular season for college football. There are plenty of ranked teams playing each other in a full slate of games, and a Notre Dame team with hype plays its first ranked opponent of the season. It should be an awesome day for college football. 

Colorado (19) vs. Oregon (10)

Colorado has been the talk of college football after Deion Sanders has led them to a blazing hot start, but they face their first big test of the season in Oregon. That is actually putting it lightly, as Colorado is a twenty-point underdog in this game. Without Travis Hunter, their lack of depth might be exposed on both sides of the ball, especially to a talented Oregon team. This should be an interesting game, to see if Shadeur Sanders can do enough to keep them in it. If Colorado wins, the hype will be unbelievable.

Mississippi (15) vs. Alabama (13)

This is potentially the worst Alabama team we’ve seen in years. They just switched to a Notre Dame transfer at quarterback, which should say enough for a team that was recently considered the powerhouse of the sport. Now they host an undefeated rival who plays them tough every year. Mississippi would love nothing more than to send Alabama into a spiral and clean up the Michael Oher story. One of those is impossible, so expect them to take care of Bama in this one. 

UCLA (22) vs. Utah (11)

UCLA quarterback Dante Moore has done more than expected as the DTR replacement, and UCLA is back to being ranked already. Their problem is they have to travel to Utah, and play one of the best defenses in the country. This will surely be a battle, as both teams attempt to catapult their ranking with a victory over the other. Utah is projected to win (six point favorite) but this game is probably going to be close. 

Oregon St. (14) vs. Washington St. (21)

I haven’t seen a game of either of them. That being said, one of the teams uses my last name for a mascot, and Gardner Minshew went to the other one. Also, they’re both ranked. This will surely be a good game.

Iowa (24) vs. Penn State (7)

Penn State is kind of becoming like Notre Dame (See down below) in the way they build up hype every year, and never make any real championship noise. This year, they are ranked seventh, and looking like they could make a run at the Big Ten at least. This week is also their white out. If you live in Pennsylvania, you should just take the week off of social media. Win or lose, the tailgate pictures will be unbearable. Iowa plays ranked opponents tough every year, but they are ranked themselves this year. They will keep this game close. Could go either way.

Ohio State (6) vs. Notre Dame (9)

Notre Dame has hype this year. Notre Dame has hype every year. This year, they can back some of it up with a win against Ohio State. And boy do they look primed to do it. Their defense is playing out of their mind, and they have two Heisman candidates in their back field. It will be one of the only times that Notre Dame’s quarterback is better than Ohio State’s (who, fun fact, I once sacked in a JV game). If Notre Dame wins this game, people will start talking about the title, while a loss would push this season into the mix of their recent history. No matter what happens, the narrative won’t be about Ohio State.

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