Top 3 Best Things About College Game Day 

With this weekend being the huge kickoff for college football, I thought it was only fitting to compile a list of the top three best things about college game day. Whether you’re rooting for the number one team in the country or the bottom of the barrel in the Big Ten, like myself, here are the finest aspects of college football Saturday:

No Class 

College game day signifies a time for honors students and near-dropouts to booze together in harmony. Whether you’ve gone to every one of your classes during the week, or none of them, being in college is hard. Game day provides a much-needed break for everyone to neglect any and all responsibilities, so the fact that there are no classes on Saturday makes us all feel a little less guilty. That is, until you realize there are 29 assignments due Sunday night at 11:59 pm and you haven’t started a single one. 

School Spirit 

Game day is a time where it truly doesn’t matter where you’re from or who you’re friends with because as soon as you arrive at the tailgate or game itself, you and thousands of other students are all there to bolster your team to victory. As long as you’re wearing your team’s colors, you could have two heads or three legs (guilty as charged), but that won’t matter in the slightest. Not to mention, if you show out with a solid game day poster you might get featured on SportsCenter the next morning. 

The Post-Dub Party 

There isn’t a more euphoric feeling in sports than watching your team win a heated game. The adrenaline high after a win – combined with lots and lots of alcohol – is what makes the post-dub party one of the best parties you’ll ever be at. Could you imagine being at Auburn after their historic missed-field-goal-return winner in 2013? Electric games lead to electric campuses, so take advantage of your school’s monumental wins. You never know when they might just disappear.

Written by the godfather

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