Top 3 Brotherhood Events For Your Fraternity

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Brotherhood that’s what a fraternity truly is all about. Sure you may throw some banger parties, hang out with bad-looking fraternity chicks, and get hammered at bars. But what about the events that exemplify brotherhood and what it means to be in a fraternity, those events can be just fun and just as rowdy as all the other things frat boys around the country love to do. Here are 3 brotherhood events you should incorporate into your fraternity.

  1. Fire And Ice

This personally is one of my favorite brotherhood events my fraternity has ever done. It is a very simple idea really. You and the boys buy tickets to a university hockey game. But before the event, you gather all the boys in the house buy 5 to 6 bottles of fireball, and absolutely slam them. After you slam the bottles you go to the hockey game absolutely trashed with all your boys. Normally by halftime, you get kicked out for being belligerently drunk after yelling the most obscene things you can think of at the other team’s bench. But it normally doesn’t matter because most of the fellas don’t even remember getting thrown out of the game.

  1. Rum Ham

Let me just say this is not an original idea, in fact, the entire idea is stolen from Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The basic premise is simple you go to the store buy the cheapest shittiest piece of ham available (normally we buy 2), then you buy 9 or 10 bottles of Captain Morgan. Next, you take two big pots the biggest ones you have, and fill them with the rum. Take the rum to a boil and throw in the ham. In 2 to 3 hours you have a perfectly cooked ham that will put you and the boys on your ass in under an hour. And honestly, it’s not that bad, once you get past the first couple of pieces the liquor sets in and everything tastes amazing and all of the boys are equally fucked up. 

  1. Pledge Jousting 

This event is just a brilliant idea that we started this year. Pledge jousting is a fun activity that gets all the boys involved. The way my fraternity does this event is normally with a big and a little. Normally the big and the little race another team in a case race (normally we have 3 to 4 teams and run a tournament-style bracket). After the cases are finished you take duct tape and tie all of the cans together into a sword or “joust”. The little gets on his bigs shoulders and they simply charge at another team. The team that wins the tournament normally gets a shitty trophy or a bottle of titos. 

 Brotherhood is at the forefront of every fraternity but in the last couple of years, brotherhood events around the county have been the same boring events you do in the name of “brotherhood”. Brotherhood events like these should be fun for you and will get you and the boys fucked up. 

Written by Nolan Breslin

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