Top 3 Most Basic College Party Themes

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Any party you see on your college or university campus typically has a theme. Whether it be for Christmas, Halloween, or more recently St. Paddy’s day. A theme is essential for a successful college party. But what about the terrible themes, the themes that are very overused and just make you not want to go to the party. Well here are 3 themes I think are too basic and downright awful for any successful college party.

  1. White Lie Parties

Let me just say I absolutely despise these types of parties. Here is the basic premise if you don’t know. A white lie party is the type of party where everyone at the party comes wearing a white shirt that has a lie written on it. For example, a couple of the lies you normally see at these terrible excuses for a party are lies like “Im not a whore”, “Im not an alcoholic”, or my personal favorite “Im not a lightweight”. In general, these parties are fun the first one or two times you do them but every other time I’ve been to one it’s been painful how much you see the same three white lies repeated over and over again. Eventually, these parties just become fucking stupid and you don’t even want to go anymore. 

  1. Neon Party

There is no doubt this has to be the most overused party idea at any university. Im talking about the neon-theme parties you see every single weekend. I swear there is not a week that goes by where I don’t see the same flyer for a party that’s having a neon theme. Normally these flyers have the exact same wording every time I see them  “Neon Party at REDACTED house, free juice 5 dollars for guys girls get in free” EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND! I hate these parties because everyone is dressed like a middle schooler in 2016 with a neon Nike shirt and shorts and elite socks it’s sickening. Neon parties absolutely disgust me because originality has completely gone out the window for everyone who throws this type of party. These parties should be banned at the next Geneva Convention

  1. Country/Cowboy Parties

These parties are extremely basic, every time the weather gets even a little bit decent some frat is probably throwing a country-themed party. And I don’t blame them, it’s easy you won’t have to listen to the same three rap songs you hear at every party, and everyone on campus either has a flannel or a shitty pair of jeans so you know people will actually get decked out and show up. But that said these parties are just too basic to justify. This is another fallback idea where no one thinks even a little bit outside the box.

In summary, you could say originality in our modern-day college party system is lacking originality. There are other basic party ideas I could have included on this list but at least at my school, these are the most common, basic, and overused party ideas I see. Don’t be basic rage on and come up with some damn original ideas for fucks sake.            

Written by Nolan Breslin

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