Top 3 Most Economical Pregame Drinks For The Broke College Student

Bota Mini boxed wines on display at Wegmans grocery store, Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by: Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

A Pregame is an essential part of any day of booze and debauchery for any college student. But picture this you are a broke college kid and you want to see what drink is the best bang bang for your buck. Well here is a list I compiled of the best drinks that might save you a dollar at your next pregame. 

  1. BeatBox

While not my personal favorite this drink gets people going real fast. Every sorority broad loves it and with 11% alcohol, it gets you buzzin’ off of 2 or 3. By the time you get to the bar you get at least 3 or 4 mixed drinks and you could be damn near blacking out by the end of the night. The only problem is that a Beatbox tastes like they poured the bar mat at the end of the night into a shitty little plastic box. While that might be a controversial statement, a beatbox still gets the job done and gets you fucked up before you even show up to the bars. And while beatboxes might be the more expensive item on the list at 6 to 7 bones a piece. They get you moving quickly and round out to a reasonable price for only drinking two to three.   

  1. Wine Boxes

This pregame item is the most economical bang for your buck you could get. If you buy a shitty wine cooler it might run you 10 to 13 bucks for 3 liters of wine is a deal you just can’t beat. The women go absolutely nuts for this. And they will probably help you kill half the box before you hit the bars. Normally by the next day the box isn’t finished and you could use the rest of your box for another pregame. A box of wine while cheesy and sometimes downright nasty gets you fucked up. Being wine-drunk is debatably the best type of drunk compared to everything else. And it will get you in prime shape to hit bars and have an all-around solid night.

  1. Four Loko

Four Loko’s are the cream of the crop for any pregame. I know, I know Four Lokos are absolutely disgusting. And they taste like literal jet fuel. But it is undeniable that if you crush a Four Loko at a pregame you will be a menace for the rest of the night. I’ve seen people not be able to function after being at a bar for 15 minutes because of how fucked up they have gotten off of the Lokos. Putting 14% liquor in a 24-ounce can for $3.29 is downright inhumane and should warrant being banned at the next geneva convention. Thank god these things don’t have caffeine in them anymore and they aren’t giving degenerates like me heart attacks for just trying to be belligerently drunk.  

All three of these drinks have their upsides and many many downfalls, this list is not a good list for those who want to get a slight buzz at a pregame. This list was made for those few brave men who want to be absolute menaces and get hammered before even getting to the main function. In summary, this list will get you drunk, and you probably won’t remember most of the night. But damn will you have a fun time at your pregame.       

Written by Nolan Breslin

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