Top 3 Needlessly Embarrassing Moments in College

I love being at college. Well, at least a majority of the time. I’m sure we’ve all had our good and bad days, but for the most part, the college experience is pretty damn great. However, there are just some moments that are so embarrassing and cringeworthy, for no apparent reason, that they legitimately make you contemplate dropping out of school and never showing your face on campus again. Here are my top three: 

Eating Alone 

This really shouldn’t be as bad as it is, but eating alone just flat-out blows. Even though nobody is actually paying attention to you, sitting at a table by yourself for lunch creates a sense of insecurity that is truly unmatched. The only thing you can do to occupy yourself is to scroll aimlessly on your phone, waiting for the pain and misery to end. Even a plate of twenty-five dino-nuggies can’t make eating alone any more tolerable, and I think that says a lot.

Walking Around Campus Without a Backpack

Just like a baby needs their binky, I need my backpack. At all times. When I don’t have my backpack, I feel completely naked. If you show up to class, or literally any academic area, without a backpack, you look like a total dweeb. Why? I couldn’t tell you. But I’d rather just bring my bag everywhere over facing the humiliation of being the douche who just carries their computer everywhere.

Asking for Directions 

If you go to a big campus – you don’t need to put up a front – some places are just hard to find. Still, you’ll never find me asking for directions. I will straight up google the blueprint layout of a building to find a specific room before I ask another person where to go. Directions are such a taboo thing at my school that upperclassmen will yell, “where’s the library?” (along with other more colorful words) at freshmen to make fun of them. Good thing our library can be seen from around campus; otherwise, I would’ve asked unironically.

Emotionally stressed male college student looks around in confusion while trying to find his class on the first day of school.

Written by the godfather

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