Top 3 Overrated Fast Food Chains

  1. Taco Bell: Coming in at my top spot I have Taco Bell. The reason why I have Taco Bell so high on this list is because of the lack of differentiation of items on the menu. I mean lets be honest with ourselves, everything they have on there is essentially the same type of ingredients in just a different configuration. Like what makes me wanna order one item over the other? Is a burrito really that different from a taco? Maybe, maybe not. None the less, no one is really going to this place sober or at anytime before 10pm. Im expecting some retaliation for this take but I don’t care because this is my list. Fuck you.
  2. McDonalds: The golden arches all have a place in our hearts whether thats from childhood memories or eating a family sized order by yourself after striking out at the bar. We all know it’s the go-to when the going gets tough or when we feel the need to clog our arteries just to feel something. Despite this, Its really not that great in comparison to something like Five Guys or Burger King. I would rather go to Five Guys and spend a few extra dollars I don’t have on a burger and greasy ass fries or go to BK and get a Whopper with way too many fucking pickles on it. It’s time we move on from McDonalds and just let the past die.
  3. Chick-fil-A: I think the main reason why Chick-fil-A has become so overrated is really because of the people that wont shut the fuck up about it. Sure, the food there is pretty top notch and the hospitality is on par with something you’d expect from your sweet old grandparents during your annual visit. Though this all may be true, I just cant stand people that claim its the GOAT and show it more love than they do to any one of their living family members. I claim that society has inflated the value and magic that Chick-fil-A brings to the table day in and day out (except for Sundays, of course) and thats really the main reason why I think its kinda overrated.

Written by rigatoni

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