Top 3 Worst Hangovers

I think we can all agree, hangovers always suck ass. But these hangovers are the worst of the worst. Some of these hangovers can come out of nowhere and some are to be expected. Here are the top 3 worst hangovers someone can have in college: 

3. When the Boys are Back in Town- Nothings better then having all the boys back in town. A classic night out on the town with guys you haven’t seen in a while cures cancer. But, when you wake up in the morning it feels like you have cancer. After checking your phone and seeing you were spamming your ex and if you check your bank account, you’ll realize that the night wasn’t as good as you remember. Along with that pounding headache you have, makes it so much worse. This hangover will probably last half a day because those same boys you went out with last night are hassling you to go another round. 

2. Black out After Your Girlfriend Breaks up With You- This hangover is gnarly for many reasons. Not only are you down bad because you and your girlfriend broke up, you also feel like you’re going to die. Your lungs feel like they’re going to collapse from the 17 stoges you chiefed the night before and your liver is telling you never to drink again. Speaking from personal experience, you might even wake up with your face scratched up and your nose broken because you tried to fight the pavement. 

1. Morning After 21st Birthday- Oh christ. After the countless ices and plethora of shooters, your body feels like you can’t handle any more alcohol. After being shit on for months about not being 21, the day finally came. But, was it worth it? Yes, it definitely was. But the morning after will have you thinking about that question for the whole day. This hangover is by far the WORST, and will have you contemplating going out to the bars for a while. If you are able to get out of your bed and drink the day after your 21st birthday, you simply did not go hard enough

Written by Danny Serrano

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