Top 5 Adam Sandler Movies Of All-Time

Disclaimer: Obviously, Adam Sandler has more than five amazing movies, but this is a top 5 list so I had to make hard decisions. There will be some classics missing. Don’t be mad at me, it’s not my fault the Sandman is so talented.

5. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

Full disclosure, you might like this movie more if you’re Jewish… or anti-semetic would work too I guess. My point is there are a lot of Israel references. So actually, Palestinians would like it too I think? Or maybe hate it, I’m not sure. Actually, screw that. Anyone will like this movie. There are big penis jokes, epic fight scenes that use both grenades and hummus, and excellent hair styling. All groups of people like that. 

4. Just Go With It

For those of you thinking “did this movie really make the top five over Waterboy and Big Daddy?” My answer to you is go watch this movie. It’s got all the funny Sandler bits you want, from Dolph the German sheep farmer to Sandler playing a plastic surgeon who fixes physical abnormalities. At the same time, there is still a classic Sandman heartwarming, yet predictable ending that satisfies everyone. While it may be classified as a rom-com, don’t be an asshole, watch this movie.

3. Grownups

This accounts for Grownups movies as they are both absolutely perfect. Despite having a combined Rotten Tomatoes score of 19% (that’s real), these movies are the epitome of an Adam Sandler classic. There is minimal plot in each, but so much hijinks takes place you can’t help but smile the entire way through. If you are ever in a bad mood, put one of these two movies on and all of your problems will rush away. The entire basis of these movies is grown men best friends having fun. That’s it. There is never any point in these movies where someone or something is in danger. They are all laughs all the time, but still manage to keep you entertained and intrigued the entire time. It’s possible this is the best film series of all time, there I said it.

2. Billy Madison

This is definitely a well-known movie, but I honestly still feel it’s underappreciated. Not enough people talk about how outrageous Billy Madison is. It’s whacky in all sorts of ways from the school principal secretly being an ex-wrestler to firearms being pulled out at academic-decathlons. The plot itself is genius as Sandler plays a 20-something-year-old idiot who needs to go all the way through grade school again. You get to see Sandler at his best, acting like a child while pelting real children with dodgeballs.

1. Happy Gilmore

This is an all-time classic and maybe one of the greatest movies of all time. Everything about Happy Gilmore is iconic from his crazy swing to Shooter’s finger guns to even Ben Stiller as the psycho retirement home nurse. This is one of those movies you watch anytime you see it while scrolling through the TV guide on a lazy Sunday afternoon. If you somehow have not seen this movie, go culture yourself immediately and do not talk to me until you’ve done so.

Alex Becker

Written by Alex Becker

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