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In a world where you can get cancer electronically, or acoustically, there are many ways one could ingest nicotine. A very popular thing people do in college though, is drunk cigarettes. Nothing beats being absolutely obliterated, and someone flashes a pack of Reds at you from across the room. For an older appeal, people still smoke cigarettes because they’ve been doing it since they’ve been like 12, so, why stop now? Tasty to say the least. Here are my top 5 darts.


5. Parliaments

You’re 80 years old. You might be a history buff solely because you lived through most of it, and you likely live on a farm! I personally haven’t smoked these, but sources have claimed they taste like your great aunt’s ashes.

4. Camel Blues

If you’re smoking camels, you’re likely a high school custodian, or you live at the gas station down the road. They’re not necessarily bad, but they’re overall just mid tier. Not much else to say about them.

3. Spirits

I meannnnnn, they’re okay I guess… you’re likely either a middle aged man on break at work, or a proud father at your son’s high school graduation party. Spirits really aren’t a major hit for a younger audience because they’re not as cheap, but if you got them, ball out!

2. Newports

They’re cheap! Newports are very popular in the young population, and when you’re moving around the basement like a sack of potatoes, they get the job done and then some. Overall, a great performing dart, zero complaints whatsoever. The fool’s gold of cigs if you will.

1. Marlboro Reds

The holy grail. 100 on the dart scale FOR SURE. I’ll set a scene for you. It’s 1 AM, you just left the bar. Hot, sweaty, and disgusting, your friend turns to you and offers you reds if you walk with him to the gas station. The night may have seemed to be over, but after that, the night has just begun.

So yeah, I don’t personally condone smoking cigarettes, but some dude writing articles on the internet recommending them isn’t exactly gonna stop you. So, if you do, here’s the tier list. Happy 

Written by tfmroto

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