Top 5 Hardest Places to Play in The ACC

5. Pitt 

Pitt, while traditionally not really a football school has actually been decent throughout the last 5-10 years. The Pitt gameday atmosphere is actually pretty fun, they play where the Steelers play, they typically get decent attendance, and can get pretty loud. All in all, a mildly intimidating place to play and visit for opposing fans, due to the lack of stiff competition in the ACC Pitt comes in at number five. 

4. Virginia Tech

Although they haven’t had much success as of late, Hokie Nation literally gets JUMPING from the team’s entrance to the Metallica song Enter Sandman, all the way to the final whistle. The fanbase is passionate, and the local community shows out for games. When you combine these factors, it makes coming out of Lane Stadium with a dub pretty difficult. 

3. NC State 

The Wolfpack has had success lately which has fired this fanbase up. The fans are rabid and have been known to start fights with opposing fans. The team has also been decent in recent years and has caused issues for opposing teams, overall the fanbase provides a good home-field advantage to their guys. 

2. Florida State

When you mix a ravenous fanbase, a storied football history, and one of the coolest pregame traditions in the NCAA, with a big stadium that seats just under 80,000, it makes for a wildly scary place to play. Overall, Doak Campbell is a great home-field advantage and is worthy of the #2 slot on our list. 

1. Clemson 

Clemson football has been one of the biggest powerhouses of the last decade and provides the only real traditional football game day experience in the entire ACC. The entire town shuts down for gameday including roads, and everybody, I mean EVERYBODY is wearing orange. Inside the stadium, from the time the team runs down the hill all the way until well after the final whistle, this fanbase is loud and obnoxious. The Clemson fanbase and the home-field advantage provided for the team every home game are unmatched anywhere else in the ACC. 


Written by GI Josh

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