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Our tfmWVU account managers have a clear advantage. The fuckery that occurs on that campus seems to be unparalleled. I don’t know if anyone actually leaves there with a degree. I have never met or heard of a graduate from there apart from the legendary Jimmy Frey. Happy Freyday. – Just checked – Their graduation rate is 56% – checks out. The clips below makes that make sense. 

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2. TFMDuke

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting Duke up here because I think it’s one of the wildest or most fun schools to go to. I actually don’t like Duke, their culture seems a little up their own ass. It doesn’t have a wealth of content of kids losing brain cells in the pursuit of a good time. For these kids brain cells are too valuable, and when they do want to lose them, they certainly don’t want their fortune 500 company summer internship to find about it. Thats why I have to tip my hat to the account manager for some quality memes, its a very funny account for a school where content doesn’t just fall into your lap.

3. TFMHokies

This account has made me jealous. I wish I went to a College like Virginia Tech. Good academically, great parties, decent weather. Basically saying fuck me for going to College in the Northeast. Ratio is kinda off though. 57% dudes.

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