Top 5 Worst Celebrity First Pitches

A tradition as old as time itself, the opening pitch of a baseball game getting thrown usually by someone who has no business being anywhere near an athletic field of any kind. In light of the tragedy occurring yesterday at Fenway, (Steve Aoki throwing probably the worst pitch ever) I thought I would rank five of the worst first pitches of all time, Aoki’s excluded.

5. Mark Mallory

This former mayor of Cincinnati threw an absolute stinker of a pitch back in ’07 that honestly, is probably more remembered than his time as mayor.

4. Nolan Ryan

Yea yea I get it he was old, but damn I think everyone expected a little more from an 8 time All-Star Hall of Famer. All-time great player, but an all-time bad first pitch.

3. Monique Evans

2014’s Miss Texas got asked to throw out the First pitch for the Rangers and well, yikes. The ballerina pose was a nice touch, but she should’ve focused on just getting it in the air.

2. John Wall

Multiple-time NBA all-star and Slam Dunk champion in 2014 definitely has an athletic streak, but I guess that did not apply to pitching. Maybe instead of teaching people how to Dougie, someone should teach him to throw a damn baseball.

1. 50 Cent

I think most people knew this was coming. The undisputed GOAT of bad pitches. Hilarious to see then, and still if you bring it up, almost every sports fan has seen this video. Stick to rapping 50.

Let me know if I missed any great ones, there are so many out there.

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Written by Ben Mulry

Masshole. Division 1 (intramural) College Athlete. Correct Take Haver.

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