Top 5 Worst Texts to Receive

A close up of a woman messaging her friends using her smartphone in a cafe.

The world revolves around technology these days, and texting is a major part of that. Ever since the instant message has been available, I’m sure there has been some awful stuff going down in the text threads. Most of which probably should’ve been done over a phone call! Here are the top 5 WORST texts you could possibly get.

type type typing away…

5. “We need to talk.”

OUCH!! This one is a stinger any way you say it. This usually foreshadows a brutal conversation which may or may not make its way to a phone call, where noises can be heard from the other line that could make Nagasaki sound like a lullaby. If you get this text, I’d rethink every life choice you’ve EVER made minimum two times over before responding.

4. The “Hey Girlie” Text

This one is scary as all hell, but reassuring, I think? This text could come from any random number, or someone you know, just coming to you to let you know that someone very near and dear to you did something very bad! This text isn’t one that you ever WANT to receive, but after you receive it, you understand why it was sent. This text could also be sent to you if you posted something you maybe shouldn’t have on social media, and someone wants to give their take on it to you personally! (spoiler alert: they’re not happy.)

3. “Did you mean to post that on your story?”

This text sends you into more of a panic than a center in the 90’s with prime Shaq in their path, you see this, and you’re terrified. You usually open this text after you wake up after a long night out, and you question everything you could’ve posted, hoping for the best. You check your story as soon as you can and, lo and behold, a 40 second long video of you slurring your words and possibly talking about how Joe Rogan was right about something? Nobody can tell because you make no sense, so you delete that from existence as soon as you can. You don’t remember when it was taken or how it got there, but you could tell it was a rough night.

2. “Can you come in early today?”

Good god. Work sucks as I’m sure you know, and when your shitty coworkers call out last second from your shitty job, your shitty boss is gonna send you this shitty text. Does anyone ever willingly WANT to go in early? Hell no! This text fucks up your pre-work routine that you have for every shift, and just overall makes your whole day a whole lot worse.

1. “You’re gonna hate me…”

Undoubtedly the worst text, maybe ever. You just know they cheated. Or worse? Who knows, but it’s bad. Really bad. The worst part is, they know it’s that bad too! It’s like walking into court and just knowing you’re going to jail, this text just straight up sucks. The days following this text probably involve a little more tears and Frank Ocean than normal, but in the long term, you might be okay.

Obviously there are a bunch of other texts that could fit into this list, but I promise these articles aren’t limited to one! These are some of the worst texts to ever get, and for good reason. I wish you all the best of luck in your texting endeavors, and stay safe.

Written by tfmroto

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