Top Five TV Friend Groups

Today’s topic: who are some of the chilliest groups of bros in tv history. Also, the characters from Friends, are so down this list it’s not even funny.

Honorable Mention: The Soprano Crime Family, The Boys

The Sopranos are a pretty hilarious group of ball busters. They also hang out at a pork store half the time, and a strip club the other half. Their only problem is my orange hair wouldn’t allow me within a hundred feet of them. The main four from The Boys (Butcher, Frenchie, MM, and Petite Hughie) were a tough exclusion. They have a perfect balance of the c-word, French accents, and classic rock references. The other five just earned it slightly more. 

5. Badger, Skinny Pete, and Combo from Breaking Bad

I don’t think I could keep up with the drug usage of the rest of the group. That being said, this hilarious trio sometimes gets under sold. While Jesse is rightfully shown as a complex individual, the other three are largely overshadowed. In their brief screen time, they demonstrate creativity, appreciation of art, and even compassion. They are fantastic, loving people who don’t have their lives together. In their messed up world, they find comfort in each other. I bet all of us wish we had two friends as good as these guys do. RIP Combo. 

4. The It’s Always Sunny Gang

These guys get drunk and pull scams. I’m all about that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t picturing myself as an added member of each of the groups on this list, but I have nothing to add to this one. Ideally, I’d go into their bar and provoke them into creating entertainment for me. I would tell Mac that someone has a knife. I would share some cold cuts with Frank. Obviously, I’d call Dee a bird. They’re not a wholesome group, but they sure are fun. 

3. The Workaholics Guys

The Workaholics guys are like me and my friends if we were the funniest people on the planet. I’d imagine most guys think they are exactly like Ders, Adam, or Blake. They are original characters, yet you can probably find someone pretty similar to each of them at every frat party in the country. At the end of the day, they’re just three best bros who like to eat, drink, and smoke as much as possible. The worst soccer mom you know probably finds that at least a little bit endearing. 

2. Every Member of The League

I wish I was in this league so bad. I would happily move to Chicago to replace one of the out-of-town idiots. This is a group all about playing fantasy football and attempting to make each other’s lives terrible. Those are two of my favorite games. Being a part of this group would give my life a purpose greater than any I’ve found in my twenty-two years on this planet. 

1. The Kids from Season Four of The Wire

This is the coolest group of not only children, but anyone ever assembled. Season four of The Wire might be the greatest television season of all time, and these kids are why. Watching them each develop individually and as a group while living under some pretty morbid circumstances will melt your heart. They manage to freshman in high school likable, which is pretty remarkable. I could talk about them all day. Just watch season four of The Wire if you haven’t. When you’re done you can fill the comments about how good this take is. 

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