Top NBA Draft Prospect Brandon Miller Reveals His Shocking GOAT Pick

With the 2023 NBA Draft taking place this Thursday, we’ve got the chance to learn a little bit more about the personalities of promising new stars through widespread media coverage over the past couple of days. For many NBA fans, pre-draft interviews provide first impressions on players who have the potential to shape themselves into household names. While a majority of the time draft prospects will give cookie-cutter responses to the same repetitive questions, on rare occasions we’ll get to see a player’s true self shine through. Alabama star Brandon Miller – projected to go second overall to the Hornets in tomorrow night’s draft – did just that today while weighing in on the GOAT debate:

This has got to be a troll, right? I have to give Miller props for keeping a straight face while giving this response. Don’t get me wrong, Paul George is a great player, but I’m not even sure that his own mother would consider him the greatest basketball player of all time. If I’m the Charlotte Hornets, I’m seriously rethinking taking Miller at number two. At the very least I’m getting him tested for CTE before I draft him. 

Obviously with new generations entering the league, it’s clear that older players like Jordan or Magic might not get as much love as they did in the early 2000’s. That being said, I could still name like twenty more players better than Paul George that were drafted relatively recently. Do we think PG paid Brandon Miller to say this? Seriously, I can’t wrap my head around it. I don’t think there are even any family ties to warrant an explanation as to why Miller would give this response. 

I’ll probably never get a valid answer as to why Miller believes PG to be the goat, but regardless, I’m excited to see what team will end up drafting him as he is an incredible talent. As long as he doesn’t model his game after Paul George and miss thirty-plus games a year, he should do alright for himself.

Written by the godfather

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