Tough Guy of the Week Award Goes to Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson, ex-Alabama star and current Commander rookie, was shot two times Sunday evening in a carjacking or robbery, sources say.

Robinson got shot twice, once in the leg and once in the glute (cheek). He’s already been discharged from the hospital, less than 48 hours after the attack. Reports say that he could be playing for Washington by week 4, which is absolutely insane. I didn’t go to classes for a week because of a tetanus shot (to be fair the most painful and long-lasting shot there is).

Robinson was slated to be the main back for a rebuilding Commanders team. The 2-time national champion was viewed as the new face of Washington’s backfield. While he was shot, Robinson is still in position to have that title, it’s just gonna be a few weeks later than we thought.

Did I have my fantasy draft yesterday? Yes. Did I draft Antonio Gibson after hearing the news? Yes. Do I feel guilty about it? Kinda. Am I glad Robinson walked away from the incident in as good of a condition as he could be in? Yes. That’s how humble I am.

As a new Gibson owner, I’m disheartened by Robinson’s recovery. As a human being with feelings, I am very glad to see a young player’s career not ruined due to some asshole. Robinson was a great collegiate player and still has all the potential he did before the incident.

My theory on why Robinson recovered so quickly? The power of prayer from none other than Carson Wentz. I’d bet good money that the devoted Christian prayed on it. Robinson owes a big thanks to his starting QB.

We are gonna see this sooner than later. Also, the Commander’s uniforms are actually really cool. Now all they have to do is sell the team and they can start winning.

Written by tfmdirtymike

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