Townie Bars Are More Lit Than You Would Expect

Group of friends having fun and drinking together at the club.

College bars are basically all the same, they are normally loud ass places with shitty bartenders, and are usually so crowded that by the time you get back to your friends with your drink half of it is on the floor from getting bumped into every three seconds. Basically, im telling you your favorite college bar sucks. But what about the bars that are not as crowded, that no one wants to go to, the one that normally has your grad students and townies? Well after weeks of countless research and many drunk and belligerent nights. Townie bars are actually more lit than you would expect.

At REDACTED university townies are everywhere, sure we are a full-on college town but funny enough there are actual people who live in my town who have a job other than getting blasted every day with their friends. And sometimes when these people go out the bars they go to in my opinion are low-key bangers. Once you get past the smell of cigarettes and sadness you can see how dope these bars truly are.

Not having to have to listen to the same three shitty rap songs on repeat over and over again, having beers (at least in my experience) that are significantly cheaper. Being actually able to hear what your boys are saying, then playing pool with a bunch of old heads ready to steal the last of your drinking money in a game of billiards is just a completely different vibe that is more fun than you’d think.

In summary, college bars and clubs have their place, most nights it is the best place to meet up with your friends get rowdy, and if you are not too scared talk to a girl. But if you have an off night, and you become too scared of having a conversation with a person of the opposite gender try a townie bar and I guarantee you it goes way crazier than any time at a regular bar.    

Written by Nolan Breslin

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