Travis Kelce Is Throwing A Rave

Travis Kelce is on top of the world right now… and probably psychedelics soon.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end is coming off a super bowl victory, just hosted Saturday Night Live, and has one of the most notable sports podcasts out right now with his brother, but that doesn’t seem to be enough excitement for Travis.

In an attempt to continue his nationwide prominence and stay on his path to become the next Gronk, Kelce has decided to throw a music festival. This isn’t just any music festival — it’s the Kelce Jam. With the NFL Draft taking place in KC this year, Kelce decided to hold his jamfest the same weekend just a few miles away in Bonner Springs, KS (hehe, bonner). 

Bonner Springs (gets me everytime) is a metropolitan area right outside Kansas City, which for the state of Kansas means they have one multi-story building and over 1,000 people.

The Chiefs star says his inception of The Kelce Jam was inspired by last year’s Gronk’s Beach draft festival in Las Vegas. “I took note from what Gronk did last year,” Kelce said. “I want to throw a big party knowing that the draft is coming to Kansas City. It’s a special event for the city to host. I’m going to need Kansas City to come out and be electric with me.”

While I love the enthusiasm from Kelce, I don’t think he can expect to have the same turnout as Gronk’s party. I mean for starters, Gronk’s thing was always partying. Kelce’s thing is Patrick Mahomes. On top of that, Kelce’s music taste is a little… interesting. 

He booked Machine Gun Kelly because he is a fellow Ohio native. Personally, I think unless you’re LeBron being from Ohio is not only unfavorable, it’s a straight up deterrent. Aside from the unlikable Macklemore, Kelce also booked Rick Ross, Loud Luxury, and Kansas City’s famous Tech N9ne. Here are my thoughts: Loud Luxury is a great idea. They’re very music festival-y and a legit DJ duo. Rick Ross hasn’t made new music since before Popeyes came out with the chicken sandwich. And if you’re famous in Kansas City for something other than sports or barbecue, let’s just assume you aren’t famous. So, to say the least, I don’t think anyone will be attending for the music.

There are, however, many other reasons to enjoy the Kelce Jam. The obvious reason being that there is nothing else to do in Kansas. Additionally, Travis has pledged “some unreal stage productions, Kansas City’s best food, tons of attractions and football-related games.”

So do I think the Kelce Jam will be a success? Yes, definitely. Kansas as a state seems to be a cult that worships Andy Reid and everyone on his offense. They will undoubtedly gather in support for their savior Travis Kelce. They’ll get some good food (which I’m pretty sure is all they care about now that it’s the offseason), listen to subpar music (all of their music is always subpar so who cares), and get to meet their favorite player (I’m sure he’ll stand out in a crowd of 5,000 Kansasans).

If you are interested in attending the Kelce Jam, I have no further information for you, but I’d assume it’s free.

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Written by Alex Becker

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