Travis Scott’s Pyramids of Giza Concert Canceled

Travis Scott’s UTOPIA show – originally scheduled for July 28th – was canceled today after complications with the production prevented the concert from being constructed in the desert. For me personally, I didn’t buy a plane ticket to Egypt to go see the concert, so I’m not too upset about the news. As long as we still get the long-awaited UTOPIA album on Friday, I’ll be happy.

Some people suspect a bit of foul play by Egypt’s Musicians Syndicate after they came forward publicly saying that weren’t happy about Travis Scott coming to perform. Regardless of why the concert was canceled, I’m sure Travis will quickly whip together a listening party in the States that people can still enjoy. Sure, it won’t be held next to the Pyramids of Giza, but I’ve heard they are pretty overrated anyways. 

Yesterday, Travis announced a movie titled Circus Maximus would be playing in theaters nationwide on Thursday night prior to the release of the album. I have no idea what this movie is about and the trailer really doesn’t give us any insight either, but the tickets sold out pretty much immediately so I won’t get to see it anyways. Hopefully, the movie will release on Netflix or something later on.

I’m not quite sure what Travis is trying to do with all these different album covers, but he released a couple yesterday along with the announcement of the movie. To be frank, they are weird:

I hope that UTOPIA will live up to all the hype. After Travis dropped the “K-POP” single last week, I’m a little worried, in all honesty. But, I still have faith that the GOAT will deliver. Happy listening.

Written by the godfather

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