True Life: I’m Addicted To Playing Skate 3

I could be watching movies, reading books, teaching myself another language, teaching myself how to code, doing literally anything productive with my life. But, nope, instead, here I am playing Skate 3 for hours on end.

Skate 3 was one of my favorite games to play when I was in high school. I am the prime age for when all of the Skate came out. I was in 7th grade when Skate one came out, 8th grade when Skate 2 was released, and then 10th grade when Skate 3 was released. I have played Skate since the time I got an Xbox.

When I got injured, I knew that I would be putting in a lot of time on my Xbox, so I looked into getting a game pass. When I saw all of the games that I could get with the addition of EA plus, I knew I had to get it. Well, after scrolling for 10 minutes, I saw that Skate 3 was free to download.

I’ve beaten the entire game, killed all of the spots, have bought DLC’s, and have almost achievement in the game. To say that I’m the ultimate loser in the game would be an understatement. If I have unlocked everything, why should I keep playing it? I don’t know; it’s a weird comforting game where I turn my brain off, spin and flip, and skate around. Maybe it’s a nostalgic thing where it takes me back to high school, or maybe it’s as simple as wanting to turn my brain off.

I love myself a shooting game, a battle royal, but I either get too pissed off playing those games, or I get to the point of being done with it. I fucking hate Lego games or games where you need to solve a puzzle that seems like work to me and something that I do not want to do. Do you have any video games where you turn them on, and your brain turns off?

Written by Mailman Dave

Just a regular mailman who wants to sit around and write about sports​

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