Tucker Carlson Fired from Fox News

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA - NOVEMBER 17: Tucker Carlson speaks during 2022 FOX Nation Patriot Awards at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood on November 17, 2022 in Hollywood, Florida. (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

It has been a wild day for traditional media companies. Tucker Carlson, Fox News’s top-rated prime-time host, has left the network, with his last show airing on Friday. The network announced that it was airing an interim program called “Fox News Tonight” at 8 p.m. while rotating personalities would helm the show until a new host is named. Along with Tucker Carlson being axed, CNN parted ways with Don Lemon. Before I fire off some takes about all of this, I wanna comment on Don Lemons announcement that he was let go. This “notes app” that he posted on Twitter is childish. I didn’t even want to read due to the fact that everything about it sucks. The font. The color scheme. Just all around a terrible attempt at a notes app goodbye. This looks like a letter that my 3 year old nephew would write to Santa Claus.

Besides being from two separate sides of politics, this is actually huge news for media companies. I’m not really sure what’s happening, but it feels like the last 2-3 years have been the downfall of all cable news. ESPN is falling apart, CNN and MSNBC are weird, and besides 45-year-old men, who is watching FOX News still? I think this is a major step toward resetting how media is created and viewed. I grew up watching cable news, but now I get all my news from Twitter and other smaller media companies. Is it better? I would argue yes. I think we are seeing a total restructure of things and I would credit creators who took started getting away for Big Media. If you think Don and Tucker are done, you’re very wrong. I think both of these guys could make a major splash in the podcast world. Personally, I think if they made a podcast together and it took place every Thursday in a small town Chilis with them being overserved, that would break the internet. I think more and more people are starting to turn to these alternative sources of media and are probably better off that way.

Written by TFM Stelly

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