Tucker Carlson’s Breakup with Fox is Getting Ugly

Tucker Carlson has been busy since being laid off by Fox. The former host was fired suddenly on April 23, and he announced soon after that he would be creating his own show on Twitter. Through two episodes, he has garnered 169 million views so far. The only problem for Carlson, is this show violates the contract he signed with Fox. His contract states that his content must be exclusive to Fox through the end of 2024. This contract is still active, as Fox has continued to pay Carlson. This essentially means that Fox has the right to hold the career of one of their most famous personalities hostage.

There is speculation that this move was an attempt to keep Carlson quiet through the upcoming 2024 election. I had to step back from my lazy, non-political point of view to see why this was so bad for Carlson. I personally would love to be paid to take nearly two years off of work. But clearly a pause like this will be a detriment to Carlson’s career. He has made it clear that he will not be silenced, and it now looks like the two sides will be enemies moving forward. As someone who has been entertained from the reactions Carlson has gotten from people in the past, I’m very excited to see the Batman vs. Superman about to commence between him and Fox News. 

Regardless of who you support in this dispute, this is the most one-sided contract since the Mets gave Bobby Bonilla a legendary retirement find for two years of average play. I get that Carlson is still being paid, and can live his life in peace for a little before going back to work. It doesn’t matter. Imagine getting dumped by your girlfriend and trying to move on with your life and rebound. Totally normal thing to do, right? Nope. You get sued because you can’t have sex with anyone else for twenty months. That’s a pretty raw deal, no?

Anyway, this might affect the presidential election. My dad texted me and said that was significant. If that means anything to you, I’d read about this from someone more educated than myself.  

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