Tumblr “Humor” Is Making A Comeback

Shitty TikToker of the week:  cedarthebarefoot

Silly face = funny

These are the types of videos that really make me question the future of comedy. Comedy is subjective so if she is having fun making these and enjoys her life then I’m okay with it… but… I really fucking hate this kind of “humor”. How is making a face and speaking in a childish tone supposed to be funny? This was the type of shit that would’ve been popular on Tumblr, right down to the “nom”. If you have ever used or said the word “nom” unironically, then you do not deserve social media. The ONLY reason why I am somewhat entertained is because of the cringe, the comments, and the way she responds.


#stitch with @cedarthebarefoot Bullying is never funny, but also like… why are they so bad at it? 🤣 #gerblinempire #howdidthishappen #nobullying

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There is still an absurd level of cringe to this video. The way she clearly had to say to herself before filming “okay now I will laugh really hard to emphasize how much I don’t care about the hate, but still care enough to make a video” is a thought that I’m sure you also had. She has this weird way of speaking almost as if she isn’t mad that you’re mad… but is obviously mad. I always hate these types of “response” videos because every one of them wants you to think that they don’t care about the hate… when they really do. If you make a response video, then you care. They are too stuck in their own little world of “I know what I did” to even reason with. And don’t get me wrong, the people who leave hate comments are just as dumb but apparently warranted if you think about it. Leaving a hate comment “nobody cares” means that yea someone cares… it’s you, the commenter. You aren’t changing someone’s life by writing a comment. There’s no point in that. But the reason why I said “warranted” is because apparently leaving that hate comment did actually do something. That comment (and subsequent likes) spawned a whole other video from that person with thousands of followers to address it. To the commenters’ mind, that’s positive reinforcement.

However, I think she unintentionally hits the nail on the head with the hatred cycle that people like Jake and Logan Paul were graced with. Making a video and getting a lot of hate is really good because (even though they are making fun of you) you are still getting comments, duets, and reactions to your videos. I see a lot of people do this. Whether it’s someone small on TikTok who had a video blow up and is responding to hate or someone big like Trisha Paytas who has needed to “shut up” the past 2 years. Most, if not all, of these people, have no self-awareness to know what they’re doing and just stumble into stardom. Some do know what they’re doing and capitalize on the hate. The goal is to keep putting your face out there regardless of what is being said, and you will get more famous. I would argue the only skill in this is knowing when to stop… which is an issue with a lot of these people(Trisha). Kids love Jake Paul, adults don’t. So kids make videos and talk about Jake saying how much they love him, while adults make videos and talk about Jake saying how much they hate him. Either way Jake is making money. I think cedarthebarefoot could lean into this. A video of her responding to hate comments with a “fuck you” attitude is exactly what will get that video popular due to even more hate comments and more opportunities to get other videos popular. I still think she isn’t funny, but if she is having fun and is able to brush off the hate then keep the cringe coming I need more TikToks to shit on.

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