Twitter Erupts Over Bronny James Taking a White Girl to Prom

Bronny James recently went to his senior prom, and a picture of him and his date circulated the internet, Twitter (unsurprisingly) went nuts. In case you were unaware, the son of LeBron James is, in fact, black, but the girl he took to prom was white, which caused some people on Twitter to absolutely erupt.

The comments section of this tweet was where a lot of this went down:

There are some comments that seem genuinely upset that Bronny took a white girl to prom, with people saying things like, “Bronny you can do better than that. Come on. Not a good look,” and, “Shameful. Love yourself and your culture.”

While some of the comments were very disapproving, some were intensely supportive of Bronny’s choice in date. I’m not sure if it’s considered “socially acceptable” or not, but whatever it was, those comments were objectively way more hilarious than any of the other ones:

Now, you might call me crazy here, but it’s my controversial opinion that Bronny didn’t put too much stock into the girl’s race when he asked her to prom. That’s just me, but I have a sneaky feeling he didn’t sit there and say, “Well, I have to take a white girl.” I don’t know.  Maybe I’m reaching. Regardless of why he chose to take her to prom, the fact that people care so much about it to the point where it was worth it for me to write this blog is absolutely wild. I took a white girl to prom, where was the Twitter explosion for me?

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  1. As a black kid who took a white girl to prom multiply years in HS. This exactly the problem with this country. Making something out of nothing. WHY DOES IT MATTER WHAT COLOR THE PERSON IS BRONNY WANTS TO TAKE TO PROM? If a white boy preppy superstar kid took a hood girl to prom I guarantee there wouldn’t be a whole article on it. He had nothing to do with frats. I previously enjoyed TFM content in college but after this ridiculous article I felt the need to unfollow. I know the person on the other side of the screen could probably care less but this exactly why some white parents didn’t allow their white daughters to go to prom with my black friends and I sure someone is bringing this to light because they don’t agree and want to see what everyone else thinks about it. Thanks for listening and I hope you stick to TFM content and not worry about who high school bronny James is taking to prom. Did you not see who he took to prom last year?

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