Twitter Is Censoring More and More Everyday

In the words of the official Twitter account of Twitter: “what’s happening?!” Now I know none of us thought that Twitter was the best place to get our news, as it’s usually a bunch of idiots screaming at more idiots through a keyboard, but occasionally, there are accounts and people worthy of turning on that little bell button next to their name so you can stay updated on important information or shitty memes. 

Twitter has suspended the account Maxwell Trial Tracker (@TrackerTrial). This was an account that would post updates on the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and, seeing as how the account had garnered over 525k followers in just a few weeks, was where a lot of people were getting quick and accurate updates on the trial. 

Ghislaine Maxwell worked closely with Jeffrey Epstein and is currently on trial for… basically working closely with Jeffrey Epstein. The tracker trail account posted important news and updates but was suspended earlier today for “manipulation and spam”. 

It’s ironic that Twitter suspends an account that “suppresses information” when they are suppressing information themselves. Twitter’s new CEO, Parag Agrawal, announced that he wants the company to work on “improving our execution”. I can only imagine him saying this in a meeting while showing a photo of a snake eating its own head.

It is situations like these that make me question how the fuck I am supposed to know what is going on in the world. Twitter is really digging itself deeper in its own grave at this point.  If the major news sites are biased and privately made seemingly accurate accounts get suspended, where is the average person supposed to turn to to get viable accurate information about current events? Who am I supposed to trust to tell me which celebrity to hate this week?

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