Twitter Reacts to Jaylen Brown’s Record-Breaking Contract

Today, Celtics star Jaylen Brown signed an insane five-year, $304 million supermax extension which happens to be the richest deal in NBA history. With plenty of amazing talent in the NBA nowadays, many fans probably didn’t expect Jaylen Brown to be the one to set this kind of record. While there’s no denying that Brown is an All-NBA caliber player, some poor playoff performances as of late have put him in the NBA Twitter hot seat (can I say “Twitter” still?). As you could imagine, the reactions to the news of Jaylen Brown’s extension inspired some wonderful Tweets that I will now share with all of you.

If you’re unfamiliar with Jaylen Brown’s game, he’s an athletic freak who can attack the rim with ease, but he does have some blatant weaknesses. Besides his poor three-point percentage, many fans clown Jaylen for his lack of a left hand. Now that you’re aware of that, rewatch the video and I promise you’ll laugh ten times harder.

If I could guess one skill that Brown will surely be working on this off-season, it would definitely be his left hand. Casual fans won’t be able to pick up on small nuances in pick-and-roll situations, but they 100% can tell if you’re bad at dribbling.

As I mentioned earlier, Jaylen Brown is a freakishly athletic dude. In fact, he’s so athletic that sometimes he will drive to the basket with such speed that the court just can’t handle it, causing him to lose all control of his body.

This Tweet isn’t necessarily funny, but I find it pretty wild how much money Brown is going to lose in taxes. Obviously, he’ll be alright without the extra $30 million a year, however, I’d still be pissed if I had to give that much cash to our government.

It’s truly sad how money changes people.

Written by the godfather

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