Twitter Reacts to New Lena the Plug Video (RIP Adam22)

I’m sure by now we’ve all heard of the situation surrounding p*rnstars Adam22 and Lena the Plug. But if you happen to be living under a rock, Adam22 allowed his wife (Lena) to shoot an adult film with another man for the first time since they were married. Talk about a wedding gift. 

In traditional American society, sharing your significant other with a different person is looked down upon considerably. Not only did Adam22 allow Jason Luv (Google at your own risk) to get intimate with his wife, but he also allowed it to be filmed and released to the public where it will live on forever. I get that the whole progressive “open relationship” thing is becoming more and more normalized. However, that doesn’t make this any less weird. 

Although this video makes me question where our collective American identity is shifting toward, I have to admit that the Threads Twitter reactions are absolutely hilarious. Here are some of my favorites:

I mean, this is just an absurd facial expression. The only things that should be making my wife look like that are either me or like, some really good food or something. If I was Adam22, I’d also be concerned that my wife is gripping the sheets like she’s trying to not get sucked out of an airplane.

Twitter has got to be home to some of the most creative people on Earth. This clip fits so perfectly with the situation that it actually brought tears to my eyes from laughing so hard.

It’s clear that this video and the marketing around it is just a huge cash grab. But, Twitter will always give back to the people. Why pay for an OnlyFans subscription when you can take five minutes to find the entire full-length film for free?

There’s no way Adam22 isn’t putting up a front, right?

Written by the godfather

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