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UFC Champ Israel Adesanya Sued by Psycho Ex-Girlfriend

Fellow UFC fighter “Suga” Sean O’Malley revealed on a podcast this weekend that middleweight champion – and fifth-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world – Israel Adesanya was being sued by his ex-girlfriend for half of his wealth. The reason? She believes she is entitled to this large sum of money because she “supported his career” for a long period of time. Growing up, I was a huge Conor McGregor fan, but I’m not so sure that my “support” would grant me ownership of a vast majority of his wealth. Although I am, in fact, not a lawyer, it doesn’t seem like this chick has that strong of an argument to take Adesanya to court over.

I don’t envision a world where Adesanya’s ex-girlfriend gets any money from him, but if she somehow does, I don’t know if I’ll ever date again. This ruling might be more important to the history of our country than Brown v. Board of Education. Will I need to sign a prenup every time I take a girl to Chili’s now? Better safe than sorry.

Adesanya isn’t necessarily the most normal dude in the world (Hence his love for hentai), but I seriously can’t get over how crazy this girl must be to try and get a divorce-like settlement from someone she didn’t even have a child with, let alone marry. I hope someone tells her how much of a waste of time and money this lawsuit will end up being. Obviously, I don’t know exactly what will end up happening with this case, but I’m more confident that she gets no money from Adesanya than I am confident in Doc Rivers getting fired within the next week.

Written by the godfather

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