Uh Oh Happy Can Still Shoot

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore. I had the VHS when I was a kid, and I watched it so much that I burnt through it. I would carry around a little plastic golf club, and would whack my dad in the shins with it pretending I was Happy. To celebrate the anniversary of Happy Gilmore, Adam Sandler showed that he still has it.

Every game of golf with the boys has somebody claim they are amazing with the Happy swing, these shots happen after the 16th holes after the beers have been flowing all afternoon. Your buddy steps up to the ball backs away and charges like he’s running from the cops at an underage drinking party, he then swings with all of his might. Most of the time your buddy shanks the ball into the woods, and stumbles away from the ball. Or your buddy stripes the ball down the green, and he then thinks he’s gods gift to mankind.

It was beautiful seeing Sandler still hammer the ball, but it got even better as Shooter McGavin replied to Happy.

It’s actually Shooter McGavin this account has been around for so long, and the entire internet just assumed it was a parody account. But it’s the real Shooter McGavin being a true dickhead. After 25 years he’s still salty about not winning that green jacket, what a Jackass!!!

Chubbs must be so happy in heaven watching Happy still crush it, if you’re ever invited to a game and you’ve never played just remember it’s all in the hips.

Happy Gilmore is the most quoted movie on a golf course. You can hear men ranging from 50-20 telling themselves to just tap it in, just give it a little taparoo. If you didn’t watch Happy Gilmore last night don’t worry you can still watch it on Hulu, and HBO Max. I know that you stole your parents log in the last time you were there.

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