UK Sports Reporter Marries Daughter’s Best Friend

The former Premier League reporter, Richard Keys, has been the centerpiece of a few scandals throughout his career as a sportscaster. In 2011, he lost his first reporting job because of comments he made about a female soccer referee. In 2016, his ex-wife, Julia Keys, filed for a divorce because of his alleged affair with a much younger woman. It is believed that Richard was having this affair while his wife was recovering from thyroid cancer and used her illness to gaslight her into thinking the affair wasn’t happening. Julia told reporters at Express, “He was telling me it was all in my head, that I was imagining it, that I was going mad.”

The couple had been together for 34 years and had two children: Jemma and Joshua. Since his divorce, it has been discovered that the affair he was having was with one of his daughter Jemma’s close friends. This girl, Lucie, is 32 years younger than him and is definitely out of his league. As they would say in the UK, she is propper fit. This past Saturday, Richard and Lucie were pictured as they tied the knot and their fling made it official.

While it’s pretty clear this guy is an all-time scumbag, you can’t deny the fact that he has the riz to bag a girl half his age. I just don’t understand how you can convince one of your daughter’s friends to marry you let alone sleep with you. I’m not sure how much sports reporters make in the UK, but something tells me it isn’t enough to betray your friend and marry her dad.

UK soccer fans are taking to Twitter to absolutely tear this guy apart and meme the fact that this girl is marrying a guy who is old enough to be her grandfather. As wild as this situation is, it’s nice to see that America isn’t the only country with fucked up reporters.

Written by Brady White

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