Underrated Masterpieces: Psych

Am I starting this blog series so I have something to show my dad that I’m working on when he tells me to get my ass off of the couch, turn the TV off, and be productive?


But in all seriousness this series will be about all sorts of media, movies, TV shows, video games, etc, that I think are underrated and you guys should check out. I’m starting this series off with one of my all time favorites, the cult classic comedy/crime series, Psych.

This TV show centers around Shawn Spencer, played by James Roday, an unemployed, womanizing man-child with a talent for being extremely observant. He was trained from a young age by his father, police detective Henry Spencer, played by Corbin Bernsen, to have a photographic memory and pick up on just about every detail of people and places.

After getting in hot water with the police, Shawn claims he has psychic powers (which are actually just his powers of observation), and offers them to the police in exchange for a gig as a contractor. Many people remain skeptical throughout the series as to the legitimacy of Shawn’s “gift”, and he constantly finds himself in tricky situations doing his best to keep the lie alive.

Shawn’s character foil is his best friend Gus, played by Dulè Hill. Gus is a responsible, neat, put together man who has been Shawn’s best friend since they were kids. Gus’ loyalty and love for Shawn often get him into trouble as he is easily manipulated into helping his friend and providing a more level headed approach to the cases.

The show is non stop fun with 80s references galore so mom and dad can enjoy it too. Despite the constant humor, when the show wants to be serious it nails it with some very emotional moments scattered through the seasons.

I watched this show at an important stage in my development, so naturally I changed my personality to be like Shawn a little which is one of the reasons this show is so special to me. Despite my desire to gatekeep and keep this show a cult classic, I really think more people deserve to watch it. Also the main love interest Shawn is constantly pursuing was one of my biggest childhood crushes. Shoutout Maggie Lawson.

All episodes are currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

4.8/5 Stars.

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Written by Ben Mulry

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