Underrated Pornstar Of The Week

If I ever get a bag and a blue checkmark, Nina Milano is getting a “wyd” DM the second my PJ lands in Miami. I didn’t know anything about this girl a half-hour ago, but after a glance at her social media, I can tell you that she’s had sex with enough NBA players to throw together a blacktop team that would be competitive in the East. Call me controversial, but if you are anti-fake boobs with the technology surgeons have nowadays, you’re a fucking pussy. I like my tits like I like my sixth grade Jordans: fake as shit. Let’s check the tape.

Yep…yep…all checks out. I actually have to leave, I’ll finish writing this in five minutes.

Nina Milano currently sits at 1,171 on the Pornstar charts. I had to go twenty-one pages deep on PornHub to find her, and if that’s not me doing my job the best I can, I don’t know what is. The good news: many of the videos she filmed with Brazzers were cut into ten-minute clips available on PornHub for free. The bad news: If you want to watch the REALLY crazy shit she does, you’re going to have to pay for it. Let’s boost her up lads 🤝.

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