Underrated Pornstar Of The Week

Have any of you ever been to Tulane? Syracuse? Pretty much any school where there are a ton of good-looking brunette girls with rich Dads? This week’s selection looks like she came back from Sig Ep formal one night, sucked somebody’s dick on camera, and never looked back. To quote Drake, Amirah Adara is never washed, but she isn’t new. With ten years of experience under her belt, she’s not exactly a renowned prospect, but look at the last few years Mike Yastrzemski has put together, despite not getting called up until he was twenty-eight years old. Let’s check the tape.

Yep…yep…all checks out. I actually have to leave; I’ll finish writing this in five minutes.

At 331 on the PornHub top 1,000, with her looks, I can still confidently report that she IS, in fact, underrated. Her work is magnificent, and I can promise you she’s worth the shame of typing into PornHub’s search bar. The good news: like I said, ten years under her belt; that amount of time makes for A LOT of content. The bad news: she seems to be transitioning to OnlyFans (all respect to her, if I’d been flying under the radar that long I’d want to cash in on some horny Saudi Arabians as well). Let’s boost her up lads 🤝.

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