Underrated Pornstar of the Week

Barstool does picks; other brands do clothes, so I figured here at TFM should do what we know best: porn. 

Week One: Kira Queen

Megan Fox’s face on a pornstar’s body. Today on my podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing Russian smokeshow Kira Queen, which, in a weird way, was the closest to real journalism I’ve ever gotten. This woman’s story is mindblowing as it includes getting a bounty on her head from arguably Russia’s most famous athlete. That interview will become public on all platforms in a couple of days, but until then, let’s get her Pornhub rank up from 859 because it’s criminal that she’s this low. She also gave me a free two months on her only fans…and I think I’m in love with her. I also gave her the idea to remake the scene from Transformers where Megan Fox goes under the hood of the car, and she seemed pretty stoked to shoot it, so thank me later boys🤝.

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