Underrated Things About Preparing for Finals

Finals suck, I know, but not everything has to be so negative. Sure, there isn’t always an optimistic spin on everything, but I don’t think I’d lump college finals into the same category as 9/11. The constant cramming and lack of sleep obviously blows, but there are some little victories that might pop up here and there while you study for an exam that you have quite possibly no chance of passing. Here are some of my favorites: 

Guiltless Junk Food 

After a solid four-plus hour session at the library, I would imagine I’m not the only one with an immediate craving for food. And not just any food – the stale Goldfish aren’t going to cut it – I’m talking some heavy duty good-old-fashioned junk food. If you finish studying later at night, which for most of us is the typical timing, your options are pretty limited. A lot of times, you can either choose from McDonald’s, a shitty local pizza place, or another McDonald’s. Usually, I’d get nauseous at the mere mention of these “restaurants”, but in this situation, they always taste so good. 

No Classes 

Although the actual act of taking a final exam can be stressful and nerve-racking, at least you don’t have to sit through boring lectures for the entire week. Not having to set your alarm for the dreadful 8:00 am every other night is one of the most euphoric feelings of all time. That is until you have a final that starts at 7:30 am. Sucks to suck. 

Study Groups 

If you ask any professor about the best ways to study for a given exam, I’m almost certain they will mention study groups at some point. But, they really aren’t that productive if we’re being honest. My study groups typically consist of friends that are currently enrolled in the same course, rather than randoms from my class, so I bet you can imagine just how productive these “study” sessions are. The most effective study group I’ve ever been a part of involved explaining basic economic concepts using cheap condoms as the core example, but at least it was fun. And honestly, if you’re studying in groups with a goal of anything other than having fun, you’re doing it wrong.

Written by the godfather

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