Universal Conversation Topics for All Men

No matter how introverted or extroverted you are, there will be times in your life when you are forced into a conversation with someone you have no interest interacting with. When this happens, it’s essential to control the conversation so you don’t have to feign interest in the fact that they still play Pokémon Go. Whether it’s a friend’s boyfriend, an overly friendly person near you at a bar, or anyone in between, it’s good to keep a few things all men can talk about in circulation. I’d tell you about women too, but I have no knowledge in that field.

“Have you seen Saving Private Ryan?”

There are three types of men in life. Those who have seen Saving Private Ryan, those who haven’t seen Saving Private Ryan, and those who are currently watching Saving Private Ryan for the first time. If a man has seen the movie, he will rave about it being a filmmaking achievement and a harrowing look at humanity. He’s right. If he hasn’t seen it, you can tell him about it being a filmmaking achievement and a harrowing look into humanity. If he’s watching it, you can watch it with him, then discuss it as a filmmaking achievement and a harrowing look at humanity. All of these options lead to A+ conversation.

“Women. Am I right?”

What guy doesn’t have a passionate response about this topic? I guess gay men. Even if you get hit with this dilemma, just start telling him which actors you would fancy if you were to hypothetically switch to his team.

“Remember McDonald’s dollar menu?”

The removal of McDonald’s dollar menu was the only way my freshman year economics teacher could get me to grasp the concept of inflation. I believe that all men have the same level of passion about the removal of this delicious list of bargain bin treats that I do. If you began a partnership with THC while this still existed, you somehow dropped hundreds of dollars here a year. All men will be able to give you obsessive thoughts about the dollar menu, or be able to feed off the passion you have about it.

“Shohei Ohtani is really good.”

You can probably put the LeBron vs. Jordan argument in this place. But why would you when you could discuss the fact that we are living through the prime of the undisputed baseball goat. This one is great for men who don’t like to talk much, because you can make it work by taking turns reading out Shohei stats on your phones.

“Skippy or Jif?”

This is where all of the energy of the tired LeBron vs. Jordan debate should be put. People tend to be just as opinionated about this as they would about the best basketball player of all time. There is definitive proof of this debate though. You can put Skippy and Jif right next to each other and compare the two. When you do that, Skippy will win. If the guy you are chatting with disagrees, you two have nothing to talk about. You must battle to the death, immediately.  

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