1. The most hardcore conservatives are rooting for Russia, and girls that have “Marxist” in their Twitter bio tweet “slava Ukraine.”
  2. A country where our culture is determined by which guy in his late seventies gets voted into office.
  3. A country where people in their early thirties obsess over SuperHero movies even though if Captain America were a real person, he’d be a War Criminal.
  4. A country where information is labeled misinformation, you’ll be from the platforms where most public discourse takes place if you disagree with that.
  5. A country where corporations own the houses, politicians, water reservoirs, prisons, medicine, and the media
  6. A country where men and women both listen to influencers that tell them that the other sex is responsible for their own romantic misfortunes. And rather than try and improve ones self, we must gain control over the other sex whether it be not wanting women to achieve success in the workplace or not wanting men to self actualize because they will go up in worth according to the shallow way we value people.
  7. A country where “thin privilege” is a thing while 811 million people in the world are starving
  8. A country where a third of the population knows what an IRA is and how to use one
  9. A country where people belittle and reject religion and then turn to their rocks to try and understand their existence
  10. A country where intelligence agencies who have terrorized civil rights leaders since their inception tweet on Black History Month, and nobody bats an eye
  11. A country that has tens of thousands of people in prison for marijuana, and I’m currently within a block of buying it legally.
  12. A country where we want to hold the people that entertain us accountable for every trifling mistake, but not the people in Congress or ourselves

That being said, we have AC, the Taco Bell cheesy gordita crunch, and football. In three weeks, I will have eleven beers and probably get rejected at the bar, but I will wake up to Scott Hanson, and that’s all that matters. Hell yeah. 


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