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Utah Football is Going Nuclear (Not in a Good Way)

When I think of the most diehard fan bases in college sports, I think of Duke, Ohio State, and LSU to name a few. But, the Utes of Utah have just thrown their name into the running. Just yesterday, a student at the University of Utah was arrested for threatening to blow up a nuclear reactor on campus if the Utes’ football team didn’t beat San Diego State this past Saturday. With Utah being ranked thirteenth in the nation by the AP poll, I understand the massive hype surrounding the football team. But Jesus, a nuclear reactor? I won’t act like I haven’t but upset when one of my hometown Chicago teams loses, but the most I’ve threatened to do is burn all my Bears merch. This chick wanted to burn an entire city.

The worst part about this whole situation is that it’s not a first-time occurrence on the Utah campus. Earlier in the school year, a 19-year-old male was arrested after posting a bomb threat to one of the buildings on YikYak, which was the same platform on which the nuclear reactor girl got her message out as well. I always thought YikYak was a place to bitch about professors – or maybe even a Tinder horror story here and there – but now it’s literally become a Discord for terrorists. Both students claimed that their threats were jokes, but those types of jokes don’t seem to be interpreted very well online. Hopefully, we can all take a thing or two away from these Utes and maybe think before we post our next bomb “joke”. #BringBackOldYikYak.

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