Vanessa Hudgens Is Still A Smokeshow

As someone who had an older sister that made me watch every movie that primarily appeased the brains of 8-year-old girls, I am pretty in touch with who was popular back in the day. I also credit her for making me watch these movies with the fact that I have very good taste in women today. Vanessa Hudgens was hot then and still hot now.

I guess this isn’t new that she is still very hot, she just hasn’t been in the direct spotlight. You see it all the time, Disney actors either go down hard drugs or become boxers. (Jake and Logan Paul) She beat the odds and stayed normal in the terms of famous people.

To go down a rabbit hole, we need to connect some dots between teen fame and DUIs. I have a theory that Walt Disney himself supports drinking and driving and that’s why all the roads at Disneyland are so narrow. Just my thoughts, but I will do some scientific research on it.

Written by TFM Stelly

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