Vanessa Hudgens is Way Out of Cole Tucker’s League

Cole Tucker is a good baseball player, in the way that professional athletes are very talented. Vanessa Hudgens is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She doesn’t need a qualifier. It simply doesn’t make sense that the two are together. 

Hudgens was recently at a Rockies game, supporting her boyfriend through below-average at bats as the Rockies lost yet another game. The two got engaged not too long ago, which cemented Cole Tucker into the upper echelon of rich his while continuing to strike out at a high level. There isn’t a player in a professional sports league with less pressure on him. 

A quick stroll through Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram and Cole Tucker’s baseball reference page will show a pretty obvious disparity between the two. It really drives me insane that someone who looks like Hudgens is stuck cheering on middling outfielders in a city known for liberal marijuana laws.

The two of them together makes me sad. Here fifty baseball players Vanessa Hudgens should date instead of Cole Tucker. I’m sure a few of them are probably single. 

  1. Mike Trout
  2. Shohei Ohtani
  3. Jeimer Candelario
  4. Gerrit Cole
  5. JT Realmuto
  6. Any member of the Braves starting lineup
  7. Freddie Freeman
  8. Bo Bichette
  9. Cody Bellinger
  10. Bryson Stott
  11. Corbin Carroll
  12. Clayton Kershaw
  13. Lars Nootbar
  14. Shane Victorino
  15. Adley Rutschman
  16. Prince Fielder
  17. The guy on the Orioles with Omar’s whistle from The Wire as his entrance
  18. Anthony Santander
  19. Paul Goldschmidt
  20. Bartolo Colon
  21. Buster Posey
  22. Yadier Molina
  23. Adam Wainwright
  24. Andrew McCutchen
  25. Matt Holiday
  26. Matt Holiday’s Son
  27. Ichiro
  28. Tim Wakefield (remember knuckleballers?)
  29. Luis Arraez
  30. Michael Lorenzen
  31. JD Martinez
  32. Wander Franco
  33. Chase Utley
  34. Hideki Matsui
  35. Whoever Chris Pratt played in Moneyball
  36. Jamie Moyer
  37. Blake Snell
  38. Corbin Burnes
  39. Jordan Hicks
  40. Jose Bautista
  41. Bobby Witt Jr. 
  42. Whoever bats third for the Athletics
  43. Yu Darvish
  44. Jean Segura
  45. Lane Thomas
  46. Michael Lorenzen a second time
  47. Jose Ramirez
  48. Patrick Wisdom
  49. Kris Bryant
  50. Giancarlo Stanton

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